Currently best practice to deploy Loki via Helm-Chart with Prometheus-monitoring

Hello everyone,
We’re currently using Prometheus and Loki for monitoring/logs. We’re using Loki to gather logs and with Prometheus we monitor everything else, including Loki.

In the past, we’ve used the Helm-Chart loki-stack. However, that Chart seems deprecated and instead one should use the Helm-Chart loki.
→ So I’ve deployed Loki again using the “new” Chart and currently the old one is still installed for monitoring purposes.

However, according to the Helm-Chart’s values.yaml, the monitoring section is deprecated and will be replaced in the future by the Helm-Chart meta-monitoring which is not production-ready yet, but it will be able to install and manage the loki Chart as well.

My question is: How should I configure the monitoring for the loki Chart?

  • Should I wait for the meta-monitoring to be production-ready and then migrate to it?
  • Or will it be better to install it next to the loki Chart just for the purpose of monitoring and until then, continue using loki’s deprecated monitoring configuration?
  • Or is there even another option?

PS: Prometheus is installed via kube-prometheus-stack which is also the recommendation in the documentation

Best regards,
M. Mueller

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