Playlists + kiosk mode always requests user login

I’m running Grafana 9.3.2 on a windows server.
I’m trying to use a playlist on a Samsung sinage screen we have configured to connect in kiosk mode.
Each of the 3 dashboards in the playlist is configured to be accessible publicly. Each works fine in kiosk mode without logging in using the link from the public dashboard tab.

However if I copy the link from the playlist from either the ‘TV’ or ‘Kiosk’ modes in the Share Playlist dialog, they each require that I log in to be able to view the playlist. If I log in, it plays correctly.

¿This is not correct behaviour, is it?

Hello @imurphy :wave:

do you mean that you can share without login via Share > Snapshot > Snapshot URL or just via Share > Link?

In any case, I get the same behaviour from my end. It looks that this is expected as pointed out in this tutorial. You might need to configure your Grafana instance to allow anonymous access but I am not 100% sure.

I mean the second one: playlists>Share playlist > Select Kiosk, copy url

Given that Kiosks by definition are unable to log in, it would not seem to make any sense that you have to log in to be able to view the playlist, especially when the dashboards that the playlist displays are all reachable without logging in.
I understood that with the introduction of public urls for dashboards that the whole anonymous access configuration became obsolete since it didn’t make any sense.

before i check with the relevant engineering team, does the above mean that you have enabled the
publicDashboards = true alpha-feature in your .ini file, so you can share individual dashboards by selecting a dashboard > share button > Public Dashboard, like so?:

it is true that even when I have configured the dashboards being shared in the playlist to be publicly available (i.e. enabled Public dashboard feature), I also get routed to the login page when visiting the linked obtained at: playlists>Share playlist > Select Kiosk, url

yes, this is correct. Publicdashboards=true
I think you’ll agree that it doesn’t make much sense for the dashboards to be accessible without logging in and the playlist not. Especially when there is a Kiosk option in the playlist and kiosk mode would normally mean no login.

I feel like I’m doing something unusual. Doesn’t everyone just want to display stuff on big screens without having to intervene after every reboot?

I should also mention that this is on-prem and is a purely inhouse solution on a local network with no particular security concerns about displaying important information to the world.


Good news. The engineering team that maintains the public dashboards’ feature has acknolewdged this would be a nice-to-have feature and so they will be researching how to allow access to shared playlists.

Marking this post as solved :wink:

Excellent, thanks very much.
The link you put there to the spike results in a 404 error so I don’t know what that refers to.
I tried on github and can’t find anything like a suggestion list for the project.

Oh, my bad. It is a private part of the grafana repo.

Instead, check the existing thread in github discussion’s page where you can monitor the conversation around public playlists.

In addition, you can always check the release notes. :+1:

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I assume that when its implemented this will appear somewhere or other as release notes or similar? I haven’t come across a release notes list, though it may be somewhere or other.