Playlist and kiosk mode requires user login - so not kiosk mode

Back in January I made a posting about a problem with the new kiosk mode when combined with playlists - it always required login to work:

Playlists + kiosk mode always requests user login - Grafana / Configuration - Grafana Labs Community Forums

I haven’t heard anything since then and the latest release still doesn’t work in kiosk mode.

Any news of when this is likely to make it out into production?


hi @imurphy

I am reaching out to the engineering team internally for an ETA

Here you can see this topic (support for playlist in public dashboards) still is part of the team’s epic as I mentioned in your previous post


The engineering team informed that at the moment there is no ETA to support playlists in public dashboards.

Feel free to ask for an status update in the next months.

ok, thanks for the update. I hadn’t managed to find that list on github.

Now that you have posted the link my curiosity has been peaked. The request to have public playlist playable is under ‘Spike’ - which would imply its just an experiment. The kiosk link under both dashboards and playlists seems like a feature of Grafana rather than something experimental.

On the basis that the option is there on both dashboards and playlists without any note attached indicating only-works-in-some-cases, then it should work. Non-working public playlists should count as a bug rather than an enhancement… but given it appears under Spike, is there a chance this funcionality is just experimental code and may be removed again?

you are welcome :+1:

dashboards and public dashboards are two independent areas

The spike is meant for studying the feasibility of implementing a dashboard-original solution in public dashboards. There are no plans to discontinue public playlists.