TV and Kiosk mode in developer environment

Grafana v9.4.0-pre

I have created a playlist of dashboard but when I play it then TV and Kiosk mode didn’t work. It is just showing the normal mode. I also didn’t receive any error on logs.

I have followed the following tutorial for setting up developer environment and playlist.
Developer guide
Manage playlists

Can anybody tell me if I am missing something which causing this issue?

@adeel86 do you still want help with this issue?

I tried this on Grafana 9.4.7 and the playlist is playing in either kiosk or tv mode. Are you seeing the options for those modes?

@melori.arellano Yes I can see these options but they didn’t work. I have build Grafana from source instead of provided binary. I still cannot see the solution on the internet.