How to use playlist feature as way to remote control Grafana TVs

Many have wall mounted TVs with Grafana running on them. One problem is how to reload or change the dashboard on those TVs remotely. One way you can do this is by using playlists. If you create a dashboard playlist for every TV you can then later change that playlist. The TV running the playlist (even a playlist with only one dashboard) will reload itself every cycle. So if the cycle time for the playlist is every 15min it will do full reload of the playlist.

So if the single dashboard the playlist contained has been updated that the TV will now show the latest version of that dashboard. If you wish to view a different dashboard just change the dashboard in the playlist.


I have a similar setup
I have several dashboards running in a playlist. I have a couple of questions.

When the playlist starts I have the banner running in a kiosk mode. However when it starts the play list again i have to re-enable kisok more. Is there a way to keep it enabled through out the playlist’s run

Is there a way to have more granular choice how long a dashboard runs? Instead of all dashboards running for 2 minutes a piece, I would like Dashboard X display for 30s and Dashboard Y for a 90 sec

Suggestion. Since you call it a play list have a random function

With regards to the kiosk mode I got an answer on this recently.

If running a single page use the &kiosk option to have that page load in kiosk mode.

For a playlist link to the playlist start page for me ( the ?kiosk option passes that option onto on pages within the playlist.

Not sure how to change seconds for individual pages though.

This worked really well!!! Thank you

Your welcome. @daniellee showed me… just passing it on.

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Added this to the docs for playlist:

TV or Kiosk Mode

In TV mode the top navbar, row & panel controls will all fade to transparent.

This happens automatically after one minute of user inactivity but can also be toggled manually
with the d v sequence shortcut. Any mouse movement or keyboard action will
restore navbar & controls.

Another feature is the kiosk mode - in kiosk mode the navbar is completely hidden/removed from view. This can be enabled with the d k

To put a playlist into kiosk mode, use the d k shortcut after the playlist has started. The same shortcut will toggle the playlist out of kiosk mode.

Linking to the Playlist in Kiosk Mode

If you want to create a link to the playlist with kiosk mode enabled:

  1. Copy the Start Url (by right clicking on the Play button and choosing Copy link address).
  2. Add the ?kiosk parameter to the url.

For example, to open the first playlist on the Grafana Play site in kiosk mode:

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