Playlist TV-mode pausing


I’ve created a playlist of two rotating dashboards and it works great. However the question is now that is it possible to pause a playlist to view a dashboard longer before resuming the playlist again?

I know that in the TV-mode the viewer can move to the previous or the next slide and STOP the playlist. However stopping the playlist means dropping out of the loop and resuming/restarting can not be done by clicking one button. Also when an auth.anonymous is enabled, the user can after stopping browse all dashboards/playlists.

Is there a way to limit an anonymous users’s access to a specific playlist or playlists only other than creating a new organisation and setting that as org_name in grafana.ini?

@pekkasodervall there isn’t a way to limit the anonymous user’s access.

Anonymous users can:

  • Anyone with the URL can access the dashboard.
  • Anyone can make view calls to the API and list all folders, dashboards, and data sources.
  • Anyone can make arbitrary queries to any data source that the Grafana instance is configured with.

Refer to Security | Grafana documentation