Auto login to grafana dashboard

Hi All,

We want to show our dashboards to unattended displays, the displays will open the browser and the given URL will show the dashboards.

Is there any way by which we don’t need to login and it will show the dashboard.
Do I need to go for browser-less option, and use HTTP APIs to login? Or some other options, please suggest.

Is there any one who has done it in past

I’ve used some browser plugins to auto login, with mixed success. You can also setup a second organization in Grafana that is open for anonymous access without a login. I am using this method and just copy some of the select few dashboards I want public over to the other organization.

what I did was to have encrypted user data on the login url, decrypt it and insert it on the form fields. it’s not that secure but its automatic

@mjain002 I do the same. I show dashboards on our TV. I have disabled authentication in Grafana. If your other grafs is not a secret. Then I have used &kiosk in the end of the url.