Pie Chart Plugin Issues

Hi there
I am having a few issues with the Pie Chart Plugin. I would like to know if anyone can help me to understand what/why is happening (please).

  1. After the update to Grafana 5, (and of all its plugins, including the Pie Chart) the pie chart is behaving like that (the “donut” is fine")

I try resizing it, but as soon as I restart the page, it happens again

  1. Getting Data from the Zabbix Datasource

even tho I configure to get the current data,

The data shows like this
(could not upload more than 2 images)

And the same data in Zabbix

Why the data is so divergent and only in this panel?

Thank you

You have latest values as 0, right?

Just in this example ( was i bad one now that I see). :sweat_smile:

But in resume: even tho i select current in the pie chart, it shows brings from avg of zabbix :no_mouth:

Could you post screenshot with right data?

Dear @alexanderzobnin
I dont know what to tell you anymore, mainly after the latest update of the panel. Sorry…
Do you have any idea what is happening or if am I doing something wrong? :cry:

Thank you