Permissions are not working same for newly created Organization

we are using Grafana for making dashboards .
so i am facing one issue .
I created two different organization same as admin with same settings and everything.
In both the organizations some permissions are not working for dashboard level like, if am giving admin as viewer permissions in my organization that i created its not working but same thing is working in default organization ,same for editor also could anyone help me and suggest me some settings and what mistake i am doing.

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What do you mean by “it’s not working”? Do you have an error when saving the dashboard permissions? Or do you see your permission but it’s not applied?
Also, if you can share some screenshots of your permissions settings and your user settings, it would be great.

i m attaching the screenshots of all the images,so when i m in main organisation if am giving admin role user to viewer permissions in dashboard level its perfectly working , but this same thing in another organisation that i created is not working . if i am giving admin level user to viewer level permissions in dashboard its not working at all .