Permission - multiple 'viewer' groups

Dear grafana forum,

Is it possible to have multiple viewer groups? We created some fancy dashboards but we would like to restrict it based on function of the person?

Meaning, sales people see a specific dashboard with view rights, but should not be able to view other dashboards as it’s not their ‘bussiness’.

We are using LDAP for authenitcation so basically what i want to achieve is folliwing

Admins = LDAP_GROUP_1 with admin rights.
Editors = LDAP_GROUP_2 with edit access all dashboards
Viewers_sales = LDAP_GROUP_SALES with view access to dashboard 3 but no access to 1+2
Viewers_Operations = LDAP_GROUP_OPS with view access to dashboard 1+2


As an Admin, try to make more Org


Although that is a possible solution, that’s not the intend of how organisations should be used?

And as a admin, editor, they need to switch org’s.

Thanks for the suggestions @fadjar340 but I’m afraid that doesn’t work for us.

You can use this:

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