Panel Y-axis units "byte/sec(SI)" is saved as "decBps" in JSON

My Y-axis in the panel are in byte/sec, but when the dashboard is exported, the receiving system gets “decBps”. We thought it would be the minor version difference, but on my exporting system I also see it when I view the JSON definition.
“yaxes”: [
“format”: “decBps”,
“label”: null,
“logBase”: 1,
“max”: null,
“min”: null,
“show”: true

My colleague tells me it fails when importing the dashboard created on 7.2.0 in a 7.1.5 level

Hello @rvdheij, this is probably connected to this change. Just now, there was created a similar/related issue on github. I am going to link there this thread, but it would be great if you mentioned your issue there as well.

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Sure, I had held back creating an issue until I understand where the issue actually is. I just checked that an 7.1.3 system has "format" : "Bps" and my 7.2.0 has "format" : "decBps" That makes it feel like a new bug, rather than an old one that is gone.

After seeing the GitHub issue and the discussion about the commit and what it tried to correct, it appears to be an old feature rather than a new bug :slight_smile: