Wrong display of decimals and units

Hello, I have seen in the graph panel that EB is shown instead of GB on Y axe and that there is one more decimal than what have been selected.For example, this is when, in Axes tab, I choose Unit=gigabytes and Decimals=1 (I get 2 decimals, one if I choose 0 and so on).

I have seen that other units like megabytes are not correctly displayed, do I have to change something to get good informations or is it a known bug that will be corrected in a next version ? (I am under version 5.4.2)

For scaled units the decimals are semi automatic even if you specify decmials, so that is not a bug, it needs to be more than specified in some cases.

Not sure what you mean by wrong values. Is your raw value in gigabytes? If not specify the unit for the raw value. Use query inspector to view raw response from your query

Ok I have seen I made a wrong interpretation on Y axes for units.To get ‘GiB’ shown I have to put ‘bytes’ instead of gigabytes. But for the decimals if I get 0 decimals, it says for example 2.8GiB (values are in bytes) and 2 decimals it says 2.794GiB. It’s strange that I cannot get ‘2GiB’ with 0 decimals but not a big trouble, may be the semi automatic feature.

@torkel : query editor doesn’t show the raw unit . How can i ensure the unit of raw data?? please help.