Decimals on Graph

I would like to know how automatic decimal works on graphs.

Why on the picture below the GB unit has 3 decimals and on MB unit has 0?
Is it something about the unit itself?

Is it possible to create a rule that has a certain number of decimals for some unit and another number of decimals to others units?

Also, is it possible to create the same rule to the table panel?


Thank you!

Yes, in the panel’s “Visualization” tab there is an option which is called “Decimals” that can be used to set the number of decimals that should be displayed. Those options are available for panels for the y-axis and for tables per column (it’s a little below where you’ve set the unit).

I see. But I would like to set a rule to like 2 decimals for GB and 1 decimal for MB for example.

Is there a way to create this rule on this field?

Sorry, not at the moment :slight_smile:

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Is there any logic to explain why on the first picture the GB has 3 decimals and the MB has nothing?
The configuration is set to auto

I’m not familiar with how the automatic decimal expansion works, I took a quick look at the valueFormats.ts file where it’s defined but that ultimately didn’t help me much.