Changing the panel Y Axis value to bps and change the label of MAX, LAST, MIN

Dear All,

I am new to Grafana and currently having problem with display unit which I have already use the search engine to find some solutions but they didn’t work for me.

The result that I want which unit is display in bps, Mbps, … (Open Source v7.1.5):

What I currently achieve: ( * [Enterprise (Free & unlicensed)]* v8.2.1 (88622d7f09))

What I did to achieve:

How can I change the Y axis value to Mbps, kbps instead of Mb/s, b/s like I am currently displaying? Also, Can I change the “LAST” to “CURRENT” as the result that I want to display?
Many thanks!

Dear all,
It works fine in old version 7.1.5