Panel menu on touch display

Hello to all,

After a late update of my Grafana 9.0.7 installation to the latest version 9.5.1, I have a problem displaying only on devices with a touch screen.

The menu of modification, sharing, etc of the panels is displayed permanently.
I don’t have this problem on my desktop.

Is there a setting so that Grafana does not take into account the touch screen?

On a tablet :
On a desktop no problem :

Thanks for your help !

Sorry for my bad english

Hi @razor83,

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What is the touch device e.g. Android, Apple etc?

Also, if I understand you correctly, you do not want the 3 vertical dots to be displayed on the touch device?

Hi @usman.ahmad,

All Android, my Oneplus 8T and a Lenovo small tablet.
I’ve tried Chrome/Firefoxe with and without desktop mode.

Yes you understood :slight_smile:

The 3 dot do not show on my desktop, only wen my mouse goes over a panel, but on touch screen they stay visible.


Same behaviour here. The dashboard I built looks horrible now…
I’d be glad if one could hide the panel menu entirely

edit: this started with grafana 9.5.0. Downgraded to 9.4.9 and the problem is gone.

Hi @razor83 and @buesche,

So there is a workaround to hide those 3 dots so that it don’t get selected when viewing it on the touch devices i.e.

Goto that particular Dashboard → Settings → Permissions and select "view only for viewer and editor.

Then should do the trick.

More better approach is to use the Public Dashboards (link to documentation)

I hope this helps.