Panel links disappear in view mode, why?

If it’s a feature, why hide links?
Is there any way to show links in view mode?

:Hi @joey777210,

Thanks for opening this post.

Can you please provide the steps of reproduction so that the community can also try to reproduce it on a test machine?

Does it occur if the user has viewer permission when got created OR the user has editor/admin permission but the Dashboard has viewer permission of the user?


Reproduction steps:

  1. add a new panel
  2. add links in that panel… (now back to dashboard page, one will see the ‘links’ tag on the corner of the panel
  3. open view mode in dashboard, the ‘links’ tag disappeared…

Thanks for providing the details.

Based on your steps of reproduction, I was not able to reproduce it on my test machine.

I used Grafana version 9.4.7 (not sure if you also used the recent versions?)

I created a panel and added 4 links (2 of them opens in new tab).

After that save the dashboard. Then go back to panel and select View from the menu. I can still click all of those links.

If incase I missed any step then let me know.

I would also request if you can try to reproduce this on by creating a new dashboard panel (or use any existing ones) and share the link to that dashboard so that we can view it.

Found it solved version 9.*