Panel for last month and show the month name in the title

I am trying to create a dashboard containing the current month and the last month in separate panels. Current is of course easy but the last month is a bit harder.
For this, I create a panel with a time shift of 1M/M which does work for the graph itself. But now I would also like to show the month name in the title. For the current month, I can just use ${__from:date:MMM} in the title but how can I use the shifted time there? or decreast 1 month from __from?

you could use an absolute range instead of the shift:
From: now-1M/M
To: now-1M/M

Then the variable ${__from:date:MMM} should show the right month

I hope it helps.

Thanks for the help. Yes that does indeed work but this modifies the date for the entire dashboard. I only want to do this for a single panel.