TimeFilter in panel name, values on graphs

I`ve got 2 questions.
First, how i can put ‘timefilter’ variable in panel/dashboard title. I want to do something like "Data in last $__timeFilter days. "
Second, i want to present one graph with one line in percentage, but if i hover on data point i want to see this value (%) and second non-relative value.


I am also trying to get the selected time range displayed in a panel title.

I’ve read https://grafana.com/docs/grafana/latest/reference/templating/ which
says near the top “You can use variables in metric queries and in panel
titles.” and then at the bottom lists built-in variables:


So, I’ve tried using __interval and [[__interval]] in my panel titles, and I get literally that text: "__interval" or “[[__interval]]” - the variable name
doesn’t get de-referenced to its value.

What am I doing wrong? I want to get the text of the time range selected
using the standard dashboard drop-down list (top right) to be displayed as
part of the panel title.

If I create my own variable and have a drop-down selector for it at the top
left of the dashboard, then I can get exactly what I want - something such as
[[Timescale]] gets de-referenced to “7 days” in the panel title.

But defining my own time range variable when there’s already a standard built-
in system facility for this seems somewhat unnecessary.

Thanks in advance,


Here are my workaround for this topic.

I think you can’t use al kind of variables on a dashboard surface.
My solution is to define a new dashboard variable.
Here is an example how to display the “$__interval” in the panel header.

Now you can use the new variable in the panel.



Thanks for the suggestions (it’s an interesting workaround), but it doesn’t
work for me.

As soon as I enter “select __interval" or "select __interval_ms/1000” into
the Query box, I get the error message:

Template variables could not be initialized: error parsing query: missing
parameter: __interval

Then, where I use my variable name in the panel title I get “undefined”.

Any ideas?


Hi Antony,
I think it depents on the selected Data source. In my case with MySQL and MS SQL it works flowless.
“select $__interval/1000”

Hi Jo

Its an old post, I am trying to do exactly your solution here only with $__timeFilter, interval works perfectly like you show but I cannot get time filter to work, do you have any suggestions for this?

Hi, in Grafana 8 I did the same ì. I create a variable as query: INSERT ‘$__interval’ but it always show me 1s

hi @donatod
$__interval is different from $__timeFilter (timefilter being the variable that this post is looking to show in the title, and i assume you too are looking to show, ie if you graph is the past 7d , via the time picker, i assume you want “7d” to show in your panels title

so when you see 1s for $__interval , that is correct (as the interval in your graph/panel is 1sec, look under “Query Options” drop down, when in the edit panel page.

that said, i dont know the answer to: what is the variable to use in Panel Title so that it shows the current, live updated, time-picker’s “TimeFrame” (ie the 7d or 7day in my example above).

I know i have had this working in my some of my prior panel’s titles, but i cant seem to get it working again (or im using the wrong variable , also). according to the docs, it should be variable:
but that does not resolve to anythnig for me on grafana v9.02 (with a graphite DS and using the Time-series panel type).

sorry i have no answer for you (hopefully someone else does)