Present timeFilter is panel title


I am using this syntax for adding the timeFilter in the title, but the user doesn’t link the , he prefer HH:mm

Title Dates On ${__from:date:DD-MM-YYYY} To ${__to:date:DD-MM-YYYY}

I do read there is no option to add “:” in custom dates

Is there a workaround?

Currently title look likes :

Title Dates On 29-12-2021 10.36 To 05-01-2022 14.36

This is old but I ran into the same… here’s my work around…
${__from:date:DD-MM-YYYY} To ${__to:date:DD-MM-YYYY}
${__from:date:DD-MM-YYYY HH}:${__from:date:mm} To ${__to:date:DD-MM-YYYY HH}:${__to:date:mm}

split your output and add the literal : so it’s not confused as a variable modifier