How to convert timestamp to date in graph panel title?

I am using Grafana 6.3.2

I want to display the date for a graph panel in the title of the panel.
I was thinking to use the $__from variable. I just cannot find a way to convert this timestamp to the corresponding date considering the browser’s timezone.

Is there such a function that would take timestamp and return date ?

There’s currently no such function for converting variables values

@mefraimsson do you think this is feature request worthy or it is totally beyond the scope?

There’s already a feature request for it, sort of manipulation of variables:

One possible way to work around this is to define a hidden variable that points to a data source that is able to perform this manipulation. For example, a SQL database with the following:
select cast(cast($__timeFrom() as date) as varchar)

Then reference that variable in the panel title