Overrides keep resetting across panels


I’m using Grafana version 8.0.3 and have a dashboard with a number of panels. The dashboard has a variable driven drop down to select a certain system and all the panels update based on that system. The panels have different override settings depending on which columns of info I need to see on the graphs or tables.

The issue I am having is when I set my dashboard and panels the way I want with my overrides in place, which looks great, they all reset to default when I choose a different system from my drop down. If I go back to the system that was selected when I setup the overrides they are also gone so it’s not like it’s tied to that. I’ve tried both the overrides and the transform “Organize Fields” and they both behave the same way.

Is this a bug in version 8 or is there something I need to do to ensure the overrides stay as configured? I am saving or applying as I set them too so it’s not that.

EDIT: Just an update that even if you leave the system chosen in place it, all overrides disappear if there is a refresh setting in place.

I thought this was a bug based on what was happening so I opened a bug report. It was identified by the info I provided that I had columns that were dynamic in name which caused the overrides to reset on refresh. Sure enough there was _start & _stop info in my columns that was causing this. I added a flux command to drop a number of columns that weren’t needed, including these, which resolved the issue.

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