OpsGenie integration

I’ve created an integration OpsGenie for Grafana. I got the API Key and created a new contact point with it.

When I try to send a test notification, I don’t see anything in OpsGenie, and Grafana logs show:

logger=ngalert.notifier.opsgenie notifierUID=nzVfbYZ4k t=2023-10-11T18:40:28.620159818Z level=error msg="Missing receiver"
logger=ngalert.notifier.opsgenie notifierUID=nzVfbYZ4k t=2023-10-11T18:40:28.620194926Z level=error msg="Missing group labels"

What exactly does this mean?

You can ignore those errors, they’re not actual errors. Will be fixed with this PR (Fix errors when testing contact points by grobinson-grafana · Pull Request #130 · grafana/alerting · GitHub).