Failed to send notification to Opsgenie: receiver timed out: context deadline exceeded

Currently I am using Grafana v9.0.3 with unified alerting. I have created Opsgenie contact point(As per below screenshots).

While Testing contact point, I am getting error on the UI as “Failed to send test alert: the receiver timed out: send notification to Opsgenie: Post “”: context deadline exceeded”.

As well as in the grafana container logs, error message as below.
logger=alerting.notifier.test t=2022-07-24T08:17:20.673156064Z level=debug msg=“executing Opsgenie notification” notification=test
logger=alerting.notifier.test t=2022-07-24T08:17:20.673204264Z level=error msg=“Missing receiver
logger=alerting.notifier.test t=2022-07-24T08:17:20.673241565Z level=error msg=“Missing group labels
logger=alerting.notifier.test t=2022-07-24T08:17:20.673418366Z level=warn msg=“failed to template Opsgenie message” err=“template: default.tmpl:18:40: executing "default.message" at <len .Alerts.Firing>: error calling len: reflect: call of reflect.Value.Type on zero Value”
logger=notifications t=2022-07-24T08:17:20.673506867Z level=debug msg=“Sending webhook” url= httpmethod=POST

Kindly help me to resolve this issue to send alerts to OpsGenie.

Can anybody please help with this issue?

Can anybody please help me with this issue?

Could someone help? Same problem.