Failed to send notification to Opsgenie: receiver timed out: context deadline exceeded

Currently I am using Grafana v9.0.3 with unified alerting. I have created Opsgenie contact point(As per below screenshots).

While Testing contact point, I am getting error on the UI as “Failed to send test alert: the receiver timed out: send notification to Opsgenie: Post “”: context deadline exceeded”.

As well as in the grafana container logs, error message as below.
logger=alerting.notifier.test t=2022-07-24T08:17:20.673156064Z level=debug msg=“executing Opsgenie notification” notification=test
logger=alerting.notifier.test t=2022-07-24T08:17:20.673204264Z level=error msg=“Missing receiver
logger=alerting.notifier.test t=2022-07-24T08:17:20.673241565Z level=error msg=“Missing group labels
logger=alerting.notifier.test t=2022-07-24T08:17:20.673418366Z level=warn msg=“failed to template Opsgenie message” err=“template: default.tmpl:18:40: executing "default.message" at <len .Alerts.Firing>: error calling len: reflect: call of reflect.Value.Type on zero Value”
logger=notifications t=2022-07-24T08:17:20.673506867Z level=debug msg=“Sending webhook” url= httpmethod=POST

Kindly help me to resolve this issue to send alerts to OpsGenie.

Can anybody please help with this issue?

Can anybody please help me with this issue?