Opentelemetry collector monitoring self metrics

hello @jangaraj

is there a otelcollector config.yaml demo public
looking for how you injecting container name as service_instance_id

service_instance_id - that’s not a container name

is there a demo on github config.yaml
how you populating that value

I don’t, OTEL collector generates that,

example config file please

Please read readme: GitHub - monitoringartist/opentelemetry-collector-monitoring: OpenTelemetry (OTEL) collector monitoring

      - job_name: otel-collector-metrics
        scrape_interval: 10s
          - targets: ['']

Im seeing service_instance_id now ,
was looking to have as app name ,
how do you differentiate multiple apps collectors

I was able to define now job_name match with insert and can separate each collector