OnCall mobile app can't scan QR-code

Hello everyone.
I installed grafana and oncall via docker compose on a vps in a private network. Oncall API URL looks like http://oncall:8888 (it is not visible from the internet). Connected in Grafana to oncall backend, alerting works.
Next I made a grafana cloud account, added the oncall API URL to docker-compose.yml (GRAFANA_CLOUD_ONCALL_API_URL: https://oncall-prod-eu-west-0.grafana.net/oncall)
Added a token in the cloud version, connected using this token in the OSS version. The OSS show me a QR code. And I can’t scan this code with 3 phones. No any errors. Nothing is happened.

Has anyone ever had this? Can I use mobile app by another way?

Should the OSS OnCall backend be visible from the outside? I don’t have it visible and grafana worked fine…

Thank you.

Sorry for the late response. I ran into the same issue just today and i think i had the same problem as you.

If an error occurs while scanning the qr code, a light grey text appears in the bottom right corner of the screen. In my case that error said: 1. DetailedException(code: null, detail: Invalid token)

The app requires you to be on the same network as your backend, furthermore you have to specify your container location in your docker compose for this to work:


This has to go to the x-environment: &oncall-environment in your docker compose file. After that you should be able to access the app with the qr code, however only from your local network.

In order for it to be accessible from the internet, you would have to forward a port, however i do not know if that is safe to do!

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