Error When Using Quick Connect for Grafana Cloud Alerting to Grafana OnCall

Hi All,

Was playing around with trying to setup a basic on-call configuration for my Grafana Cloud free account. When I went to the Integrations tab and clicked “New Integration for receiving alerts”, I clicked on “Quick connect” for Grafana Alerting to connect my current stack, I get this error message.

Any ideas on how to fix this? We have Grafana at work but not the rest of the stack so I’m using my personal account to just play around a bit with how everything interconnects and while not essential, it would be nice to get the on-call piece working. I was able to verify a phone number and integrate Slack so some of the other on-call functions appear to be working correctly.


Hi Steve! If you haven’t already, definitely open a ticket with the Support team so they can take a closer look at that error. It’s possible that the version of Alerting needs to be updated for your Grafana Cloud stack. Tickets can be created from the cloud account portal.

Hi Steve! Thank you for reporting this!

Could you please check if you see “Alerting” in this particular Grafana menu, does it work fine for you?

Screenshot 2022-01-24 at 21.03.10

@Melody Thanks for the response. I didn’t realize you could open a support ticket from the portal as a free tier user. I can pursue that if needed.

@matveykukuy I have that Alerting menu on the left nav but when I click it the only options I see are “Alert Rules” and “Notification Channels”.

@stevepraz could you please e-mail me your Grafana url? Looks like it’s unique for your Grafana instance. I think I know what’s the problem, will make sure it’s fixed.


Just sent it over via email. Thanks again for your help.

Thanks to @matveykukuy for fixing my stack. I’m good now!


@stevepraz thank you for raising this problem!

For the rest who will be reading this thread in the future, the problem should be fixed for all stacks in a few days.

If you face such a problem please start a new thread.

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