Success and Tips: Grafana On Call Integration with Grafana Unified Alerting

Since there isn’t much activity yet for Grafana On Call - I thought I’d share a solution rather than a question.

I’ve been using Grafana Unified Alerting since beta earlier this year and was excited to test Grafana On Call after the announcement yesterday at ObservabilityCon and the resulting inclusion in my tenant later in the day.

First steps:

  1. Setup Slack Integration (straight-forward)
  2. Verify personal phone number (straight-forward)
  3. Execute Grafana Alert Integration (Issues)

When executing the Grafana Alert Integration a error was generated stating something like: “Grafana Alert not ready. Poke Alert Groups and set defaults for all Alert Managers” (although I do not think the message was that clear).

We only use Grafana Alerts as our dashboards rely on the Azure Plugin, which only works with Unified Alerting. I had not setup a default notification policy for Grafana Alerts, but adding one did not resolve the error message. After poking around a bit, I thought to add a default, root policy for the unused “grafana-mytenant-nga” AlertManager created at account setup.

Once both the “Grafana AlertManager” and “grafana-mytenant-nga” AlertManagers had a root (default) policy defined - the Grafana Alert Integration for Grafana On Call proceeded smoothly.

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super fantastic resource, @ehuggins!

Forwarded this to the squad. Let us know if you hit any more pain points!