Grafana 8 alerting - APIs, automation


we are currently testing out Grafana Alerting for version 8.0 since it has much better support for parametrization/teplating/silencing of our alerts. Which are features that we missed very much (thanks for implementing that).

But going through the docs I can’t find any documentation about associated APIs (only the old alerts seem to be described: Alerting HTTP API | Grafana documentation).

In our company we try to store all the config (including alerts) as a code. And with previous versions of Grafana we created/managed alerts as a code (as part of the dashboard provisioning logic). Is there any similar possibility/APIs for the new alerting mechanism. Or is that to be implemented (or documented)?



Hi @malejpavouk1

The new Unified Alerting is still behind a feature toggle. I’d imagine that the API docs will catch up re: Unified Alerting when the feature is fully released (~ 8.1 - 8.2)

Any update about this?

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