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I think grafana alerting is one of the most difficult piece of grafana stack. The fact that a majority of the questions in this forum and in github is about alerts testifies to this.

There has to be some easier way maybe some type of wizard wherein you select target notification stack (slack, Teams,telegram) and then it just walks you through to make it super easy to generate what you want, preview it, maybe even do a test alert (which it does now but so hard to put things together). Then you copy it over to your alerts.

As is, I think it is just way too complicated. Barrier to entry is so high a lot of people are opting to using custom alerts outside of grafana


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Hi @yosiasz

Your many contributions to the community are very much appreciated and valued. So, we have reached out to our Alerting squad manager, and one of our UX grafanistas will be reaching out to you directly to hear your thoughts, ideas and your feedback :clap:


Hi @yosiasz :wave:

We’d love to talk with you about your experience!

Join the Grafana Ops User Feedback Group to spend 20-30 minutes talking to somebody on the Grafana Ops user experience design team.

What’s in it for you? You get to show us exactly what’s working and what’s not working, so that we can improve those things for you. You may even get a sneak peak of some super-early-stage designs we’re busy working on, to help us shape the future of Grafana Alerting, OnCall, and Incident!

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Cheers! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Submitted. Not a very appealing google sheet form with 1 tiny ideas field. So I stuffed with missing features and frustrations of alerts

Hi again @yosiasz :wave:t2: Thanks so much for joining our user feedback group, and for sharing your ideas on how to improve Alerting! The main purpose of the form I shared is to help us gather a list of people who use Grafana Alerting, OnCall, and Incident that are open to being contacted by my UX teammates to set up a meeting to talk through and better understand your workflows, how Alerting, OnCall, or Incident fit into those workflows, what’s working well, and what’s not working. I would love to schedule a meeting with you to have a deeper conversation around your current pain points and potential solutions to them. My team and I have a week of workshops ahead of us next week, but I will make a note to reach out to you about this the week after next :slightly_smiling_face: (PS: Thanks for sharing your thoughts so candidly with us, we really do appreciate it! It helps us get better.)