Is there a way to make Grafana 9 Slack alerts prettier?

We’ve just recently migrated from Grafana v8 to v9 and everything works just fine but the alerts in Slack have changed dramatically. I read the changelog behind the v9 and I like all the changes to the Alerting system but I gotta say the Slack alerts looked way better on v8. They were clean and concise, it took just one look to tell what’s going on. The new alerts are hard to look at, they require way more cognitive load to understand.
Is there a way to make v9 Slack alerts look better?

Here’s an example of how they looked on v8:
And here’s the same alerts on v9:

I gave up and started sending alerts to slack thru a small 3-rd party service.

But customizing the slack POST message, in a way that is similar to alertmanager, would be great feature

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