Alerts not working (the story continues)

And I continue my experience with Grafana on the real-world infrastructure…
After about 12 hours of Grafana being iddle, I logged in as admin, wanted to create alert for graphing… so I connected Discord via webhook, hit test button, msg arrived on Discord so webhook works; created alert, hit test and waited and waited for good 10 minutes, but, guess what? Nothing Oh yes, as suspected - someone screwed something. How normal…

As the time passess Im becoming more and more sure that I will not let Grafana into our production env due to Grafana being of extremely low quality… If I accepted into production, this would be nightmare… constant puzzle-solving to get it to work as we want/need. No thanks; we need something rock solid and intuitive

Assuming you completely abandoned Grafana…Having similar issues just trying to get simple alerts working.

This is 6 months too late but if this is in the query editor, then the test button only tests the alert condition and doesn’t send an alert notification. I really hope this was not the reason for you giving up on Grafana.

I saw that you posted a question about per series alerting which Grafana does not currently support well. There is a workaround - see other post.