Object selected in draw.io panel not replicate into dashboard when saved

Every time select different objects in draw.io and save it, the object not reflected into dashboard and just coming as normal square object.*:

Anything else we need to know? :

Found that these files not being part of permitted files extension list as per grafana/plugins.go at v8.1.2 · grafana/grafana · GitHub. Please assist to make this compatible

Environment :

  • Grafana version: 8.1.2
  • Data source type & version: InfluxDB. 1.2
  • OS Grafana is installed on: Cloud
  • User OS & Browser: CHrome
  • Grafana plugins: FLowcharting
  • Others:

Hey there! I see the feature request/issue you created regarding the .drawio file extension compatibility, thanks for taking the time to do that! It looks like there’s some related conversation and context in this issue as well (draw.io and Flowcharting mentioned towards the most recent comments). Feel free to share any thoughts you have there as well!

Thank you. i am not able to find the accurate solution. can to share the links?

No problem! I think the issue will remain until the .drawio file extension is supported by the plugin provider. I recommend keeping an eye on the issue you opened for any updates as they are available.

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Thank you and noted. will keep eye on this until the root cause can be identified and resolve this.

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