Null value and lines connections / source is check_mk plugin


“Connect null values” option in Grafana panel settings, won’t work if there is no data pulled from the check_mk source. At the end, all points are connected.
like on this graf. Query interval is on 60s like in check_mk (enterprice version).

Tested also the Connect null values/Threshold with <2m settings and nothing has changed


the goal is to have such graf

Is it possible to go around with such a problem?
Maybe I missed some settings?

Grafana v8.0.4 (81fef5b4b4)
Checkmk enterprice 1.6.0p19


I have the same problem. Option with Connect null values → Threshold also does not work.
InfluxDB database.
Grafana 8.0.0


Did you solve your problem ?

I have the same, but I will create my own Topic.

However, I see you have CheckMK entreprice 1.6, so you have 2 other way to get metrics:

  • By pnp Nagios.
  • By Influxdb.