Null values connected, no matter what the settings are

I see that this issue has been raised a number of times, but as far as I can see there has not been any resolution to it. So raising it again so that perhaps the developers can fix this issue. When selecting a line and setting Connected null values to never or threshold, the line still connects, as shown in this screen dump.

The same set data but with points in stead.

What I would expect is that the line is not connected when we select the options for it to not be connected.

What version are you on?

8.2.7 “enterprise” version, self hosted. Meaning my company has a commercial agreement with Grafana and influx.

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Is there an update on this issue ?

Yes actually. My data set comes with varying metadata which seems to confuse the graph engine. If you add a keep with just the fields needed to generate the graph it works. Stripping out meta not needed worked for me.

In my data set, the carrier metadata is needed, but other metadata such as serial number (only one device in this view) was stripped out. Adding this keep() before the aggregatewindow() solved it for me.

|> keep(columns: ["_time","_field","_value","carrier"])

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