Notification templates and contact points were getting deleted automatically

I have recently upgraded to the latest version of grafana i.e. 9.4.7. I have been using it from 4-5days. Since I started using latest version, all the contact points and notification templates present in my alerting tab were getting deleted automatically.
The next day when I add a new contact point and notification template again they are also getting deleted the next day.
And also one more thing which I observed in the latest version is, I was been getting logged out of grafana very frequently which is not the case in my previous version(9.1.5).
Can anyone please respond on this !!!

And also I have been facing an issue with the notification templating about which I have clearly mentioned in the following post. Expecting your response on this post too.
Thanks in advance for your suggestions !

hi @dp888

from what version have you upgraded?

In your custom configuration file ($WORKING_DIR/conf/custom.ini), what values do you have in [alerting] and [unified_alerting] ?

enabled = false

enabled = false

I have seen a migration related issue recently. You could try what’s suggested here (disabling Grafana Alerting, starting it, then reenable Grafana Alerting and start Grafana again) Please remember to note the grafana logs.