Contact points and Notification policies are gone


I have the exact same issue: Missing "contact points" and "notyfications policies"

I am opening a new topic to share all the necessary informations.

Yesterday everything was fine. Today both “Contact points” and “Notification policies” are gone. Alert rules and Silences are still there.
I have 4 differents organisations on my grafana and this happened to all of them.

Here is the informations:

  • What is your Grafana version?
    8.4.1, using this docker image: grafana/grafana:8.4.1

  • Are you using Grafana Cloud or self-hosted Grafana?

  • Are you using legacy alerting or Unified Alerting?
    Unified Alerting

  • was the alert in question migrated from the legacy platform into Unified Alerting, or did you first create it inside the new platform?
    Alerts, contact points and notifications policies where ccreated inside the new platform

  • Please list ALL configuration options related to alerting. You can find these in the Alerting and Unified Alerting sections of Grafana’s config file. If you are now using or have previously used the beta version of ngalert (released with Grafana 8), please note that too.
    enable: true
    enable: false
    enable: ngalert

One more thing, I found this strange log :

logger=ngalert t=2022-05-09T00:00:18.79+0000 <mark>lvl=eror</mark> msg="failed to save alert state" uid=gsd17ma7k orgId=2 labels="__alert_rule_namespace_uid__=Hcad6lbnz, __alert_rule_uid__=gsd17ma7k, alertname=weather - temperature_outside min, measurement=weather, type=sensor" state=Normal msg="database is locked"

Can you increase the verbosity of the Grafana server logs to debug and note any errors? For printing to console, set the console logs to debug as well.

It happened a second time last week. I had to use a backup to go back to normal.

There is many errors in the logs, here is an example :

Other thing : We are using sqlite