How to get the VM name/Metric name with respect to the metric value in alert email

I was been using 9.1.5 version of grafana for few months and I thought of getting rid of the all useless things in the alert email notification which used to contain lot of useless stuff. For example,

I just need the metric/VM name and the corresponding threshold value for which it triggered the alert email. I tried writing some customized go templates but nothing worked for me as expected. While referring to the following grafana document link, I read that alert email in the latest version of grafana i.e. 9.4.7 is updated which gives only the threhold value. So, I have installed the latest version grafana 9.4.7.
In the latest version, I agree that we are getting only the threshold value in the alert email but, no where in the email it has mentioned about the VM/metric name which confuses us when we are dealing with multiple queries in a single alert rule. The value in new alert email is,

Finally, my ask here is do I have any chance of getting the VM/metric name and the corresponding threshold value beside that.
And also I was wondering how can I get the VM/metric name in custom go templates. (What is the template that gives me all the metrics/vm’s that were defined in an alert rule).