Not able to enable screenshots on alerts

Hi there,

For about two weeks I’m trying to send a snapshot within the alert notificiation, but sadly, with no results. As the documentation says, first thing needed is the image renderer (obviating version 9 of Grafana, of course). This renderer I got it launched in a docker container and I know is working correctly because I have a .svg image represented in a Geomap panel.

Grafana is also running in a container, and when I start it with the variable:


No option to enable the screenshots nor anything related, should It appear here?:

I don’t know what else to try so I would appreciate the help :slight_smile: . Feel free to ask me anything and sorry for my English.

Thanks in advance!

You can close this. Made it work yesterday.

How did you get it to work? I‘m searching for the same.

At which point are you? You have it deployed the environment in containers? Have you got the renderer on and working properly?

I’m running Grafana in Docker. The renderer should work. I don’t know how to test it, but I checked the logfiles and there where no errors.

For installation I followed Grafana Image Renderer plugin for Grafana | Grafana Labs and Set up image rendering | Grafana documentation .

So now I’m stuck at the point how to insert/enable the screenshot of the graph in the template. Have I to modify the template? Which variable is the correct one to use?

Make you sure you have this variables set correct:

I dont’ remember if the last one is nedded. Once you’ve got the container running with the new config, you’ll have to send the alerts to contact points. By default, there is no option for “enabling” screenshots, so all the snapshots will be sent to the contact point if the variable “…SCREENSHOTS:ENABLED” is true.

Oh, ok. Thanks. It works now :slight_smile:

I found also this info

Unlike legacy dashboard alerts where images in notifications are
enabled per contact point, images in notifications for Grafana Alerting
must be enabled in the Grafana configuration, either in the
configuration file or environment variables, and are enabled for either
all or no contact points. Please refer to the documentation for images
in notifications.