Alert message with graph of trends

How can I include the graphic of an alert in the massage? Is it also possible in the community version? Or just enterprise or cloud?
Thanks Alen

The ability to include images in alerts was introduced this week with Grafana 9. It is possible with OSS:

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Yes, I finally succeeded. It is necessary to install Grafana image render and then activate a parameter in the Grafana configuration file to indicate the rendering engine. Attached graphs are of time series type only.

Can you explain the above in greater detail? I tried this months ago and gave up.

We just rewrote the docs on this which should help! Let me know if you have any questions.

I got all in my docker stack…
this is the part of renderer

    container_name: renderer
    image: grafana/grafana-image-renderer:3.6.1
    hostname: renderer
    restart: unless-stopped
      - "8081:8081"
      - /etc/docker/monitoring-sql/renderer/config.json:/usr/src/app/config.json
      - ENABLE_METRICS=true

this is the config.json

  "service": {
    "host": null,
    "port": 8081,

    "metrics": {
      "enabled": true,
      "collectDefaultMetrics": true,
      "requestDurationBuckets": [1, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 20, 30]

    "logging": {
      "level": "info",
      "console": {
        "json": true,
        "colorize": false
  "rendering": {
    "chromeBin": null,
    "args": ["--no-sandbox", "--disable-gpu"],
    "ignoresHttpsErrors": false,

    "timezone": "Europe/Rome",
    "acceptLanguage": "it-IT, it;q=0.9, en;q=0.8, *;q=0.5",
    "width": 1000,
    "height": 500,
    "deviceScaleFactor": 1,
    "maxWidth": 3080,
    "maxHeight": 3000,
    "maxDeviceScaleFactor": 4,
    "headed": false,

    "mode": "clustered",
    "clustering": {
      "mode": "context",
      "maxConcurrency": 5,
      "timeout": 30

    "verboseLogging": false,
    "dumpio": false,
    "timingMetrics": false

and in grafana.ini

# Options to configure a remote HTTP image rendering service, e.g. using
# URL to a remote HTTP image renderer service, e.g. http://localhost:8081/render, will enable Grafana to render panels and dashboards to PNG-images using HTTP requests to an external service.
server_url = http://renderer:8081/render
# If the remote HTTP image renderer service runs on a different server than the Grafana server you may have to configure this to a URL where Grafana is reachable, e.g. http://grafana.domain/.
callback_url = http://grafana:3000/
# Concurrent render request limit affects when the /render HTTP endpoint is used. Rendering many images at the same time can overload the server,
# which this setting can help protect against by only allowing a certain amount of concurrent requests.
concurrent_render_request_limit = 30

I hope this can help you… remember add more RAM to machine…
read the system requirements on Grafana page

ALEN, Italy