Grafana lost the ability to post images panels in slack alerts after upgrade to Grafana 9

After the Grafana 9 upgrade, the slack stopped getting images in their alerts. There used to be a checkbox to enable images, but the checkbox isn’t there anymore.

Also, went thru this link and it doesn’t help.

Is there a major changes on the config file or format changes when upgrading the grafana to 9 ?


It says here that images in Slack alerts will be available in Grafana 9.4

@apochi there is a big change in the configuration settings for images in alerts and how to send them in Grafana 9.

Can you share the configuration settings you enabled? As @grant2 pointed out, images to slack currently require configuring cloud storage (or local) to host the image and the image renderer plugin.

Once you’ve configured those settings, you will also need to provide the dashboard or panel UID that you want to send with the alert:

@apochi I noticed this is in the grafana cloud category - if you’re using a grafana cloud instance the image rendering settings are managed by grafana. You can open a support ticket to ask for help with verifying that your instance is configured and supported for images in notifications.