How to send image notification through slack?

I am using grafana version 9.4. Install image rendering plugin but image is still not showing in slack

Hi! Have you followed the instructions in the docs? Use images in notifications | Grafana documentation

Hi @georgerobinson I tried but images are not showing not even with email neither with slack.

I installed image rendering plugin. The notification is working but images are not showing.


No images are showing in the notification

Did you update the configuration file as per the documentation? Can you show me the changes you made to grafana.ini?

in grafana.ini. I did not change for slack notification.

In latest version unified_alerting.screenshots is not available.

You need to enable screenshots in [unified_alerting.screenshots] as per the documentation otherwise it won’t work :slight_smile:

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I enabled it but still no image.

Have you configured Slack with a bot token? In the docs, uploading only works with bot tokens.

ok let me check through bot

@georgerobinson Do you have any document which help me to send images through bot?

Yes! In the first page I linked :slight_smile:

I created bot but still no image.

Is this correct?

Hi @georgerobinson.Thank you so much its working now for mail notification but for slack its still not working

@georgerobinson Where to add the bot token in contact point of grafana ui?