No data in repeated panel


There is a problem in the environment, I’m using grafana to view the zabbix data.

I used variables to replicate panels, when the “all” option is set in the variable, some interfaces are “no data”, but when I select these interfaces in the variable, their values ​​appear, can someone help me?

Grafana Version: 8.4.1

Zabbix Plugin Version: 4.2.5

below is the print of when the variable is set to “all”:

below is the print of when the variable is set in the specific interfaces:

help, please

is the variable derived from existing data or hand carved? Can you show us your drop down variable source?

Thanks for answering.

My variable follows a regex that takes all the network interfaces of a host

right after I configure items, some graphics work on the same line and others that follow the same line, don’t work, unless I selected them variable

And what does the query look like in the viz that accepts the value from the $variable

The query is as follows…

In zabbix, there is a group called “FIREWALL” and within this group there are several hosts, these hosts exist “network interfaces”, in the variable I am getting the value of a host that is within a group and is pulling all interfaces this host’s network