Zabbix Stat Panels No Data


I’m new to Grafana, so I’m thinking I’m missing something simple. I’m trying to pull data from Zabbix. Basic Linux stats. Graphs and Gauges all appear fine, but stat panels don’t pull data sometimes.

I say sometimes because I have some stat panels that are getting data, and some do not. I don’t understand it.

If I curl the Zabbix API, I can see last value data. So the API is working, but Grafana doesn’t see the data.

I posted to Reddit, but no help there (

I’ve tried changing Format As: table, changing Fields: All Values. The data isn’t getting pulled from Zabbix.

Any ideas on what to look for?

It’s known issue Displays "NO DATA" or "Hostname" instead of the values · Issue #1156 · alexanderzobnin/grafana-zabbix · GitHub
Try to update your Zabbix plugin or ask developer about your problem

Ahh, thank you. I saw similar issues but they were all closed. Didn’t see this open issue. I’ll keep watching it.