Newbi question - How to run Loki on WIndows

Good day everyone, I’m new on Grafana/Loki and I would like to have some guidance in how to run it for the first time, and what to expect.

I’m running windows 10, docker is already installed, loki container is running but when accessing http://localhost:3100/metrics I’m just seeing a bunch of text being displayed.

Thanks in advance for your support!

Hi, how to do you install in windows, could you please provide me steps or link which you have followed. I am getting error ““validating config” err=“invalid schema config: must specify at least one schema configuration””
Please help me on this

Hi @eduardoiglesias92
From what I could see from your screenshot above, it seems you have successfully exposed your metrics. Congratulations!

Now, I think the next step for you is to visualize these metrics and logs using Grafana. You can refer to these resources to learn more:

If you want to save yourself the time and stress of setting all of these systems up, then I would recommend you use the free forever Grafana Cloud plan.

Hope that helps!

Hi @gopal18k20
If you’re looking at installing loki on your pc, then I recommend you take a look at the Loki installation guide on the Grafana documentation website.

As for the errors you’re getting, can you please provide more details about how you got the error? Otherwise, I think you should check out this issue on GitHub.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you @ ucheobasi Issue is resolved.

Now I like to collect my application (developed in maven Java with Log4J) log and try to show in Grafana through LOKI.

My Node-> Logback appender-> Loki-> Grafana

I was stuck with connecting the logback appender file with loki, can you please guide me on this

I would suggest you post this question here on the community forum under the Grafana Loki category. By doing so, you have direct access to Loki maintainers and active community members who are ever willing to answer any question you might have regarding Grafana Loki.
Hope that helps!

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@ucheobasi Thank you so much. Posted the same

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