Unable to run Grafana/Loki on Windows/WSL2


I am building a smart home. Heart of the system is a server running unraid with dockerized versions of home assistant, mosquitto broker etc.

I have designed embedded devices based on ESP32 for controlling switches, bulbs etc.

For collecting logs from the devices I deciced to try Grafana/Loki. My devices can push logg messages to Loki.

My development computer is based on Windows 10 and WSL2 running docker.

I’ve tried different methods for installing Grafana/Loki on WSL2/docker.

Both of them give me the same error when trying to add Loki as data source in Grafana.

Loki: Bad Gateway. 502. Bad Gateway

Googling I found out that this has been a known error but as far I understand it should have been corrected now. The suggested fix is as far I can see implemented.

Instructions that I have followed:

Simple scalable cluster | Grafana Labs.


Docker | Grafana Labs

I would very much apritiate some help here…

I’m also getting the same issue on the same setup