New to Grafana (Raspberry PI)

hey guys. Im new to this. Im using raspberry pi for my webcam face detection project. The face detection also count the face. How can i add the count into grafana? and i already install grafan and influxdb on my raspberry pi.

Have you already got the data into influx?

Not yet. Still doing more research. Do u hve any tips?

Use node-red. Then it is easy.

Haaa okay. Will do. Thnk u

already tried the node red but stuck at the input symbol. didnt know which one to use

Ask on the node-red forum, which is usually very helpful. A number there use Influx with Grafana.

okay. thnk u for the help

IF you are familiar with Python programming you can use the following article. I had used it and worked pretty well. This exactly explains how to get data into influx database with a sample code.