Configuration of Simatic IOT2040 with Grafana

Hello Grafana Members,

I am Swapnil Prajapati and I am doing my college project. I am not aware of how this Grafana Dashboard is to be used. I have my Data coming till Node RED. I want to visualize this Data on Grafana Dashboard? Can you let me know how this would be done?

yes you have your node red data to be stored into a influx database and then make an connector to Grafana.

Hello Sir,

I have my Node Red running on my device and then I want to send my Incoming Data(Temp., Pressure, etc) to Grafana Cloud. Is this thing possible?


Why would you send it to grafana cloud, as a long-term secure option i would understand it. but if you have it for an project then i would suggest to host somewhere an influx database, (free) and send data from node-red to influx. after that you can easy pull the data out with grafana.

Best regards Nick Bakker

Actually the thing is this data needs to be shown on internet as my IOT project.
So i am using this thing.

yes this is possible

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