Sending data or commands from Grafana to device over UDP

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I am trying to figure out the easiest way to send data from Grafana to my device.

Brief description of current setup:
My device is sending data over UDP to server hosting Node RED, InfluxDB and Grafana. The UDP data is received on Node RED, parsed and stored into InfluxDB.
My Grafana dashboard reads the data I want to show from the InfluxDB and shows to the user which has access information for that Dashboard.

  • What I would like to achieve?
    I would like to create a button like panel which can send certain requests to the device for example to switch a LED on or off. Considering my communication with the cloud is done by Node RED I am not perplexed how to achieve this in Grafana.

Option 1
Grafana can send UDP packets directly to device.
Node RED would save the UDP connection details to the InfluxDB database along with the data from that device. Then on push of Grafana panel button certain UDP connection details would be read from the database and used to send small UDP packet to the device.

Option 2
Node RED must send UDP packets directly to device.
On push of Grafana panel button the command data would be written to InfluxDB database on a table or column dedicated to certain UDP connection. In Node RED specific part of the database would be read to understand the command to sent to what UDP connection. Then Node RED can use the existing support to send UDP commands to achieve this.

What would be the easiest option to achieve this?
Is there any support in Grafana which implements input options by the user?
Is there any support in Grafana which can save specific data to database?
Is there any support in Grafana which supports sending data over UDP?

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Check out data manipulation plugin that might work for this

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