Sending user input from Grafana to MODBUS

I am trying to figure out a way to send text input data from Grafana to MODBUS.
Was able to successfully receive and plot live data from MODBUS, using Telegraf, to Grafana.

Any plugins i can use to do this directly using telegraf or any database like InfluxDB?

I am using Grafana v10.3.3 on Windows 11

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check this out

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I currently do this:
Modbus device transmitting data
ā€”> Node-RED reads the Modbus data every n seconds
ā€”> Node-RED sends the data to InfluxDB every m seconds
ā€”> Grafana displays the InfluxDB data

In your case, it sounds like you are using Telegraf instead of Node-RED, which is fine. Are you indeed storing your data in InfluxDB, and then Grafana is pointing to InfluxDB?

To get text input data from Grafana to Modbus, you can use the Data Manipulation Panel that @yosiasz linked to, or you could (possibly in combination with) use Node-RED to take the text input data from Grafana and then do the Modbus Write.

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