Live Stream with Telegraf

I am trying to use the Grafana Live Measurements feature rolled out in Grafana 7.4. I am using Grafana version 8.0. I am sending data to Grafana via Telegraf (UDP messages).

I am having issues with how the data is displayed in the panel. It should be showing 30s of live stream data, but instead it is only graphing maybe 1s-100ms of data and then not showing the rest of the older data points:


Has encountered this and if so were you able to resolve it?

Here is the data that should be showing (this is not using the live plugin):

Thank you,


Hi @person

quick question: did you by any chance follow this tutorial of ours? If not, I’d be curious to know if that configuration would work on your machine…

And have you tried this on any other panel, or is the issue specific to the stat panel?

Tried live streaming with G8 and because data is not being saved on a tsdb like influx/prometheus, then grafana only shows the last read from telegraf.
It is a query over a tsdb that shows a trace/graph continuous.
Now I’m trying to use Status Panel pluging to use more like a “semaphore” traffic lights. To use it with ping polling input pluging on telegram.